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Hydraulic Bursting Services in London & the South

Hydraulic Concrete Bursting Specialists

Where concrete has to be removed, in occupied areas, where noise and vibrations are an issue, hydraulic bursting can greatly assist in cracking the large areas of concrete to assist in the removal.

Holes are diamond drilled into the concrete at 48mm dia. or 112mm dia. and hydraulic pistons inserted. These are expanded under hydraulic pressure to crack the concrete.

It’s a virtually silent method used for removing large bodies of concrete, including foundations and pile caps. Our concrete bursting equipment is capable of breaking blocks up to 2.0m thick.

For more information on the services we offer, contact Diacutt Ltd today. We serve London and across the South of England including Portsmouth, Canterbury, Basingstoke and Bristol.

The advantages of hydraulic concrete bursting

  • Minimal noise and dust generated
  • Ideal for hard to access work areas
  • Non-percussive method of demolition
  • Rapid breakdown of deep concrete mass
  • Vibration free to minimise HAVS
  • Minimises risk caused by flying debris

We provide our services across London & the South of England call us on:

020 8542 4363
020 8540 0300